The List Details block is for viewing the details of a list item. The details block can be added to a separate page within your Softr app to be opened when the user clicks on the list item (or a button on the list item).

<aside> 💡 In the List Details block settings, you should link to the same data source (e.g. the same Airtable Base and **Table** or the same Google Document and **Sheet)** that your List block (to which you want to connect the List Details) is linked to.


Connecting a data source

You choose the data source you want to link to the Source tab of the block settings. Below, we’ve connected an Airtable base and table.

Choosing Airtable base and table

Choosing Airtable base and table

This tab also contains Conditional Filters, which we’ll discuss a bit later. Next, we are going to configure the fields displayed through the block and map them to our data source.

Configuring the fields

For each layout (discussed in the following articles of the List Details section), there is a default set of fields, for which you can set a corresponding field (Content of the field) from your data source or delete/hide the field if you don't need it. The fields are mapped from the Content tab of the block settings.

Adding a field, configuring it, and then deleting it

Adding a field, configuring it, and then deleting it

Apart from that, you can add new fields using the Add field button. After adding the field, you need to specify its Type and set Content (corresponding data source field). There is also a placeholder Label added (appears above the field content), which can be modified or removed if not needed.

There is a variety of types to choose from, so let's go through them one by one: